Veteran’s initiative

Relief Debt Project Veteran’s initiative
Financial Resources for Veterans

As Americans, we owe the nation’s military veterans our respect and gratitude. Yet, despite the sacrifices they have made to protect us, many veterans and their families find themselves struggling financially. One of the biggest issues facing veterans is trying to establish credit and buy a home, pay a mortgage or rent or other basic expenses. The interest rates are higher because they do not have good credit or a long history of credit.

Veterans struggling to cover basic monthly bills such as rent or utilities can apply for a grant. The average amount awarded is $650, which can be really helpful when struggling to make ends meet, but never gets them ahead. But the Relief Debt Project’s Veteran’s credit establishment program can help our veterans over a long period of time, and with your participation, it will cost you nothing and help them prosper long term.

Veterans who were severely disabled while serving in Operation Enduring and Iraqi Freedom can apply for grants to pay for medical bills, emergency transportation, vehicle repair and housing. Review the eligibility requirements and apply here.

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Aid & Attendance/Housebound Assistance 

If you are a veteran receiving a VA pension, you may be eligible for an increased monthly amount through Aid & Attendance and Housebound Assistance. Veterans who are bedridden or need the services of an aid to help with everyday activities can apply here.

Personal Online Fundraising

Online fundraising sites such as Go Fund Me allow you to crowdsource donations from friends, family and your grateful fellow Americans. These sites can be an effective way to help raise money to cover a temporary financial hardship or long-term need.

Improving your credit

One of the biggest obstacles to buying a home or improving your economic status is your credit. How do you improve your credit with no one’s willing to extend you credit? The Relief Debt Project’s Veteran’s Initiative has created a credit donation program that will allow veterans to improve their credit history and score giving them the opportunity to purchase a home or other essentially for them and their family.

The credit donation program is simple: individuals who are willing to donate their active credit card accounts that are active, and have been established at least two years will be able to discharge some of their outstanding debt while helping a veteran increase and improve their credit score and history allowing them to qualify for home loans and mortgages. All a donor has to do is contact us and once they are approved, they can fill in the form below to help one of the many veterans we are assisting while eliminating some of their debt. For more information please fill out our Contact form.


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